3500 Euro loan without private credit

A 3500 euro loan without private credit bureau is a loan known as Swiss Credit. However, it is no longer issued by a Swiss bank but by Soulcredit Bank AG in Liechtenstein. German citizens who have a permanent residence and have reached the age of 18 may receive such a loan if they meet the conditions set by Soulcredit Bank AG.

credit without

credit without

For a Swiss loan, no private credit bureau information is requested. This is a crucial difference to a loan from a German bank. Negative private credit bureau entries are thus irrelevant when it comes to whether a € 3500 loan can be granted without private credit bureau. Nevertheless, the borrower should not be in private insolvency proceedings or have made the affidavit. This results in an entry in a public debtor directory, which can be viewed by anyone who has a legitimate interest in it. Here a lending is excluded.

Minor negative entries in the private credit bureau are not a hindrance to a 3500 euro credit without private credit bureau.It can very quickly be that a registration at the private credit bureau takes place. For this, it is often sufficient that the term of payment was exceeded in the case of an important invoice or that the financial obligations under a mobile phone contract or a comparable contract were not met, or significantly too late. A negative private credit bureau entry often leads to the fact that no or only a more difficult borrowing with a German bank or savings bank is possible. If there is an urgent need for financing, it is important to look for alternatives. There are these alternatives. A 3500 euro loan without private credit bureau could be the solution.

Credit requirements and loan conditions

Credit requirements and loan conditions

The lower age limit of borrowers is 18 years and the upper age limit has been set by Soulcredit Bank AG to 62 years. Unfortunately, persons over or under this age limit can not receive a loan. At least one other applicant would have to be present who fulfills all credit requirements.

The Swiss loan is basically only open to employees or civil servants. Persons without their own income or with a low or fluctuating income can not receive a 3500 Euro loan without private credit bureau. Other statements are dubious. For this reason, the credit is also not open to the self-employed, freelancers or persons who only do a small job. However, you have the option of naming a second applicant. However, it must necessarily be an employee or an official.

An income must not only be available and paid monthly, but also be high enough. The minimum amount Soulcredit Bank AG has set an amount that is about 80 euros per month above the attachment exemption limit. Thus, the monthly loan installments can be paid during the term, without the risk that the borrower’s other financial obligations are neglected.

The term of a 3500 euro loan without private credit bureau is 42 months. However, there are only 40 months in which repayment installments must be paid. The first two months after disbursement of the loan are redemption-free for the customer. The interest on a loan without private credit bureau is almost always higher than the interest that is usual for another bank loan, where the private credit bureau information is obtained. The absence of private credit bureau information always poses a degree of risk to the Bank, which it seeks to hedge through higher interest rates. You have to expect that you will have to pay an interest rate of 11% or just above it for a 3500 euro loan without private credit bureau.

Application and authorization

Application and authorization

You have the choice whether to apply for the loan on your own or to seek the support of a reputable credit intermediary. However, it is by no means necessary for you to travel to Liechtenstein to apply for credit and complete all formalities there. This can easily be done over the internet. All the documents you need to present along with the loan application can be submitted via the internet. Should there be any further questions, Soulcredit Bank AG can contact you by post, telephone or via the internet.

To assess your creditworthiness, Soulcredit Bank AG needs proof of the amount of your income and a copy of your current employment contract. This may not be a fixed-term contract. Even a loan in the probationary period is generally excluded. Anyone who has a permanent employment contract must also have been employed by his current employer for at least one year. In addition, this employer must not have terminated him.

Once all documents have been received by the lending bank in Liechtenstein, they will be checked immediately. If the 3500 Euro loan can be approved without private credit bureau, the payment will be made immediately. You can choose whether you want to have the money in your checking account at the house bank, another checking account or cash paid. In the latter case, the money is delivered by postal order or by courier. This guarantees a high degree of discretion. You also have several options for paying monthly loan installments. A direct debit is just as possible as a transfer from your checking account or a cash deposit.

The grant of a 3500 euro loan without private credit bureau is not reported to the private credit bureau. In addition, no negative effects on personal creditworthiness are to be feared. The uses for a loan without private credit bureau are usually not limited. An exception is only a loan that is explicitly marked as a car loan and therefore earmarked. Here, a proof of use must be provided to the bank, which is not the case with a normal installment loan without private credit bureau.

In principle, it is very important that you comply with the contractual arrangements. This applies in particular to the regular, punctual and full payment of monthly loan installments for a € 3500 loan without private credit bureau If you are behind in paying more than one loan installment and you do not make up for this short-term, this can have serious consequences. In the worst case, the termination of the loan agreement threatens. Here you would be obliged to pay immediately at this time still open loan amount.

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