A PEI radio station. apologizes to the LGBTQ community for the post of the host on social networks

Prince Edward Island radio station apologized after one of its on-air personalities posted a social media post that drew criticism from the Island’s LGBTQ community .

Stingray Charlottetown released a statement on behalf of Kerri Wynne MacLeod, co-host of the morning show Ocean 100 and its Charlottetown stations, apologizing for a MacLeod Facebook post last week.

“On behalf of Kerri Wynne and all the staff at Stingray Charlottetown, we are extremely sorry for the message and for the message he sent. It was a mistake. Jennifer Evans said in the statement.

Evans said Stingray Charlottetown will participate in a training session for all staff to “help advance our understanding and ensure that incidents like this never happen again.”

The post was a meme that talked about the challenges of parenting. Some have called it homophobic and transphobic, and it has since been withdrawn.

Pride PEI issues statement

Pride PEI declined an interview, but released a statement:

“The problem is never 100% about the specific content of a meme or message, but rather the incident message it sends and the cumulative effect of repeated incidents. We are, however, confident that Stingray Radio understands the problem and works. with Pride PEI to create an inclusive and safe workplace and vibe. ”

A post on the Pride PEI Facebook page said the meme “is damaging our community” and that he has asked the station management to remove it.

“While we were disheartened by the expected response from many members of the straight community to the apology post, which dismissed the situation as too sensitive, did not allow the possibility that the on-air personality had. made a mistake, or simply dismissed our concerns outright, we hope our session – which aims to get to the heart of the matter – will facilitate the necessary change, ”the post said.

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