Chris Wilding talks boyfriend on Howard Stern radio show

Chris Wilding spoke about his Colombian boyfriend on a recent episode of The Howard Stern Radio Show.

After the producer appeared on the radio show, people’s attention turned to his love life and details about his partner.

As a writer and producer on the Howard Stern Radio Show, he makes regular appearances.

But what did he say about his boyfriend? Read on to find out what Chris revealed about their relationship.

Chris on The Howard Stern Show, YouTube

Who is Chris Wilding?

Chris Wilding is an actor, as well as a writer and producer on the Howard Stern Radio Show. He has held this position since August 2016.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Chris graduated from John Abbott College in 2008 where he studied a professional theater program.

He landed a few acting roles in film projects before working as a host and writer in a women’s social club.

Chris has also appeared in several other TV series and movies, as seen on his IMDB page.

Chris Wilding talks about her boyfriend

The producer has a Colombian boyfriend, he revealed in a recent episode of The Howard Stern Show.

“I’m testing it and everything,” Chris explained. “We do it as a romantic thing. I have a test station and I have a cocktail station. We are doing the COVID test. We go upstairs. We have a drink. We are waiting for the results. If it’s negative, we f *** like right away. “

The producer then revealed several other explicit and sizzling details about their relationship, which you can find out more about on The Howard Stern Radio Show’s website.

Later in the episode, Howard asked Chris, “Are you in love, man?”

“Yeah, sort of am,” Chris replied.

Meet Chris on Twitter

You can find Chris on Twitter under the handle @ cwild22. He actively uses the platform to share recent episodes of the radio show and his take on recent news.

His Instagram profile remains private at the time of publication.

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