EHS Drama bursts into broadcasting

CODY BOYER Elko Daily Correspondent

ELKO — Eighty-four years ago, Orson Welles launched his theater company’s version of HG Wells’ “War of the Worlds” on the radio, sparking mass pandemonium as listeners at home believed that the world was collapsing under an alien invasion. On the anniversary, October 30, 2022 at 6 p.m., Elko High School Drama Club is teaming up with Global One Media’s Mix 96.7 to air their very own “War of the Worlds.”

After building the new performing arts center on the EHS campus, drama and theater teacher Jeanine Hoskins transformed a small group of children into a multi-faceted group of performers, including actors , technical advisors and prop/set builders.

“Sandy Beeler came up with this idea,” Hoskins said. “I thought it was a great idea and I was very excited. I took it to the administrator and they supported it, the kids were all very excited to do it.

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As a second-year drama teacher for EHS, she was able to bring in two bands to record it. One group is made up of the voice actors and the second is tech students to work on editing and sounds with Sandy.

Many of the students participating in ‘War of the Worlds’ are simultaneously working on the fall production of ‘Suess Odyssey’ which will open in November, meaning they dubbed all of their parts and were working on characters from both projects. at the same time.

“There wasn’t really a challenge splitting the time between the two shows, with the radio we have a script to read, which helps,” Freshman Ebin Price explained.

EHS Junior Judge Passmore, a second-year theater student, said, “I wanted to strengthen my creativity and artistic abilities, so this was a great opportunity off stage.”

Many students have risen to the challenge and risen to the challenge of only having their voices to rely on for their performances.

“I love radio because if I’m wrong we can edit and people can’t see my face if I’m reacting to a mistake. You don’t quite have the pressure of a live audience,” said Junior Ecko Atkins about his first radio show.

Mix 96.7 was pleased to partner with EHS for the program after it was pitched by the station’s local radio personality.

“I’m a theater lover at heart, so I jumped at the chance,” Beeler said. “I explained to them that radio is the theater of the mind and that we should tell the story with nothing but our voices. They took the lead and came back with voices and character ideas.

“I sincerely enjoy working with students. It’s a talented group and I can’t wait for everyone to tune in and hear all the hard work come to life.

So whether you want to turn off the TV for the night and turn on the radio or stream it online at, you’re sure to enjoy this classic tale told by Elko’s own theater department.

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