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In Wednesday’s edition of The Charlie Kirk Show podcast, Kirk sat down with Alex Jones of Information wars to discuss the loss in his recent libel lawsuit brought by parents of victims of the Sandy Hook massacre, which Kirk said was “unfair” and “obviously political.”

“Even great journalists interview Charlie Manson,” Jones joked. “I’m the worst person in the world, but people should still want to talk to me. The truth is they want to twist what I said and did. That’s why they don’t want me on the air.

Kirk then claimed that the media was trying to ‘bankrupt’ Jones by not letting him apologize for things he had said in the past, before asking Jones to give his side of the story that the media do not cover.

“It’s their new weaponization of the media,” Jones said. (The Sandy Hook Massacre) was a small part of what I cover. I question every major event. I questioned Uvalde. I believe children died in Uvalde, but the Texas State Police Chief and Uvalde Mayor say there is a cover-up and they were lied to.

“They want to punish people who question things. They mean “Oh, he’s not a populist leader”. He’s not a popular person. No, it’s the man from Sandy Hook. And so they used that as a claim that Trump is saying all Mexicans are criminals. Trump never said all Mexicans were criminals. He said very good people were crossing the border, very bad people, we should filter them out.

“So just like they tried to make ‘Trump hate all Hispanics,’ the same here. This is fake news. This is total misinformation. Even CNN had to back down today and say” Okay, Jones’ cell phone wasn’t given to the other lawyers. This was all made up. And it’s just the next desperate level. So now they have the Jan 6 Committee to demonize Trump supporters and the American people. Now they’re using Sandy Hook to demonize independent media. Just like I was de-platformed four years ago and was patient zero for that, now I’m patient zero for all the new censorship taking place.

Kirk started the show by admitting that several people had told him to avoid an interview with the controversial expert. Jones, who was ordered to pay millions in damages to the families of Sandy Hook victims, is an often discredited conspiracy theorist.

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