From radio broadcaster to celebrity podcaster

(The Magazine Plus Editorial): – Shelton, Connecticut February 20, 2021 ( – From her radio job at Cumulus Media Broadcasting to interviewing big celebrities as the host of a popular celebrity podcast, Florence Carmela is living her dream! As one of the hosts of “The Forum” celebrity interview podcast with co-host and JAMPA Media Network founder James Patrick, Florence is thrilled to share where her career is taking her now.

The Forum is available on over 100 different platforms, including iHeartRadio, Spotify and YouTube! She also writes articles based on interviews and encounters with celebrities for her website

Florence’s career started in radio with a dream… lots of perseverance, good timing and a bit of luck! Once she made the decision to finally pursue a career in radio after several years in education, it was absolutely the most exhilarating, but also the scariest move of her life.

She worked for Cumulus Media for 18 months and enjoyed working at WICC and WEBE108 at the radio and LIVE broadcast events and meeting all the fans who come to experience the radio experience and getting to know everyone behind the scenes as well as their favorite radio personalities. and hosts!

The goal now is to continue interviewing talented and creative people from all entertainment genres with an exciting story to tell. Florence and James recently interviewed actor Steven Schirripa from The Sopranos and Blue Bloods, Dr. Michelle Oakley from Yukon Vet and reality TV star Colin Macy O’toole from Below Deck Mediterranean.

They look forward to bringing many more celebrity interviews to the Forum and JAMPA Media Network.

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