Ken Matthews adds affiliate stations for radio show

Rush Limbaugh’s widow offered advice to nationally syndicated hosts Clay Travis & Buck Sexton during a radio appearance to celebrate the one-year anniversary of her husband’s passing.

Kathryn Limbaugh discussed Rush’s legacy as the most polarizing radio talk show of all time. Shortly after Limbaugh’s passing, Premiere Networks brought in Travis and Sexton to replace him at noon.

Travis asked Ms. Limbaugh what Rush would like them to know in the future.

“I think he would just want you to do what you do in terms of continuing conservative thinking, continuing to make sure people live their best lives, staying engaged, continuing to say how United States is important, how important our foundation is. Fathers are,” she said.

Limbaugh lost his battle with stage 4 lung cancer on February 17, 2021. At the time, the “Rush Limbaugh Show” was heard on over 600 radio stations across the United States.

“I think he would want you to have people who are actively engaged in politics, to remember November which is coming here soon, to remember 2024 and to call them on the things that need to be called,” he said. she declared.

“And I know you’re trying to do that and carry on in Rush’s honor, and that’s deeply appreciated.”

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