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Laura Sheffield is a wife, a mother, a great family, a great relational person, a great person and has faith. She earned her degree in communication and a master’s degree in special education. She has worked over the years as a full-time parent and part-time teacher. She even served as a waitress, mentored and taught college classes. For the past 15 years, she has led Bible studies and spiritually mentored her peers. With young people, she even facilitated Bible studies for teenagers.

His mission now? To provide a local radio show for the Victor Valley community that combines all of its experiences. The goal is to help even more people in whatever they’re going through or fighting: “I have a huge heart for people, I help and guide them, and every job I’ve had, I ‘ve been looking for opportunities to dedicate myself to other lives,” Sheffield says.

The new radio program is designed to address topics that affect everyday life. It is Sheffield’s aim to bring hope on how to live grateful lives that are lived with purpose, purpose and joy, “I will show people how to have a positive impact on this world and provide perspective on how to have successful relationships in marriage, parenthood, co-workers, family and friends,” Sheffield said.

Local Victor Valley listeners can be anyone who wants encouragement and wants to know how important their choices are. Sheffield says she needs to tell her audience that no matter where they are in life, it’s not too late to have a positive impact on this world: “We’re going to talk about ‘real life’, stories, and they’re going to be relatable and can be applied and used no matter who they are.”

Sheffield teased us with a few upcoming episode topics including “21 Days to a New You, Staying Connected in a Disconnected World, Teens Impacting This World, Dating Your Spouse, Your 1st Day and back to basics.”

Sheffield will also address health on the show, discussing ideas each week on how to live intentional lives and asking people to email me to find out how they’re doing, “I’m going to implement The Smile Project and challenge listeners to make 5 people smile a day, and let them know how I’m doing, and ask them by email how they’re doing too, I’ll also do a book suggestion and review every week.

Real Life with Laura airs Saturdays on Talk 960, High Desert’s talk station.

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