Love, lockdowns and a radio station for trades, why Archie is home

After a 2 year stint working in radio in the UK and being part of the “30 Under 30 Class of 2021” (UK), Archie Arenson is back in Australia for a breakfast in Townsville on Power100.

“After experiencing 4 lockdowns and enough overcast weather to last a lifetime, the opportunity to come back to Oz and do breakfast radio while living on the Great Barrier Reef was just too good to be true “, said Archie.

What prompted you to move to the UK?

I moved to the UK for love! In a very romantic move, I decided to travel to England to pursue a relationship – leaving in March 2020 just when the pandemic was starting to get crazy and I was worried that with international borders closed, I wouldn’t. not get there. Luckily I managed and reminding my girlfriend Lucy that I moved around the world for her *during a pandemic* has become kind of a running joke that I like to remind her daily.

I was lucky enough to get a job with UK radio before I left, however, my job was cut short immediately when I arrived as covid shut down the whole world. I started working in June 2020.

My decision to return came after Grant Broadcasters approached me about hosting a new breakfast show in Townsville in early 2022. My partner and I had discussed the idea of ​​moving to Australia together in 2022 and when the he offer officially arrived, it was too good to refuse and the time seemed right for both of us to move to Oz as the borders had finally fallen and I could get a visa for my UK partner.

Where have you worked in the UK?

Repair the radio. An independent commercial radio for traders.

Is there a difference between commercial radio in Australia and the UK?

I think musically there is a lot more variety in UK commercial radio with more genres available to the listener. Some stations like Absolute Radio allow listeners to listen to a breakfast show, but have 9 different genres of music to choose from between the breaks (70s, 80s, 90s, etc.), which blows my mind! Brands also have dedicated spin-off stations like Heart Dance, 70’s, 80’s, 90’s.

Their competitions are also run slightly differently to Australia, with premium text mechanics as a common form of entry – charging listeners to participate. That means the big resorts give out over $30,000 AUD a day pretty much all year round.

Archie was the workday announcer on 98.1 Power FM for 2 years before moving to WA to work with SCA, presenting shows on Hit and Triple M from the Bunbury hub.

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