Mudgee’s 2MG radio studio turned 80 on Monday | Guardian of Mudgee

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2MG Mudgee commemorated 80 years of airing with a celebration on Monday. The feature has been highlighted by reruns of old interviews and audio clips since the station first aired in July 1938. READ MORE: This is a significant achievement for the station which currently features several local voices such as Craig Bassett and Chris Mills. Bassett, who described the celebrations as “a nostalgic journey through the past 80 years,” said it was a significant achievement given the changes over the 80-year period. “For a particular media brand, streaming for that long is obviously an accomplishment,” Bassett said. “At the start of the radio broadcast, most of the material was either on records, 78 records and you were doing a lot of live broadcasts with in-house performances.” The other big thing that has changed in the industry – since the arrival of television – has been the shift to a more pop music format. With initial capital of £ 5,000, Mudgee Broadcasting Company Pty Ltd now offers local and national programs such as the Bassett Breakfast Show and the John Laws Morning Show. Despite the changes since joining the station 17 years ago, Bassett said he still enjoys the tasks presented to him every day at 2MG. “I think I like the challenge that every day is not the same… I might be at the same time every day of the week, but every shift is different, every shift can present challenges. different or different news is happening. “Since everything is computerized, it frees up more time to focus on the content than we actually do. “We can focus on better interviews and doing more research for when we’re talking to people. “


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