New radio show for KCLR in Kilkenny

Kilkenny Arts Office and KCLR radio station have collaborated to co-produce a new 12-week show, The Arts Show on the station. The show will share and highlight the region’s artistic and cultural activity. It will showcase and showcase professional practitioners and experiences across art forms and community projects, giving a voice to artists and creative activity across the county.

It is hoped that this will broaden and diversify regional knowledge and potential audiences and provide an opportunity to highlight the intrinsic value and importance of the arts to life in Kilkenny, as well as its economic and social benefits.

Episode 1 of the new show debuted last Wednesday and featured topics such as: the future of cinema, the minds of local visual artists and the life of a musician.

The Future of Cinema segment recorded at the Borris House Festival of Writing and Ideas last summer, featured actor Jeremy Irons and film producer David Puttnam discussing the future of film and cinema.

Next, Elizabeth Cope, a visual artist from Paulstown, spoke about the importance of a live audience to an artist’s work.

The following segment featured the artist, Ramon Kassam, a visual artist in Thomastown, discussing his art and being an artist living and working in Kilkenny.

Finally, Podge McNamee from Ham Sandwich, an Irish indie rock band, spoke about his new album Magnify and his life as a musician. They also mentioned a few Irish bands to watch.

The artistic performance presented by Hugo Jellett is brought to the public by Kilkenny County Council’s Arts Office and Creative Ireland.

If you missed it, you can catch the first episode at: /?fbclid=IwAR0QNAvXlKfPeGBACXftbt4V2beXmSdW8F3nBR2TQ_CVptQrNh0M


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