Next Generation Remote Radio Studio Wins EBU Technology and Innovation Award


(L – r) Lars Hedh (SR), Hasse Wessman (SR), Simon Fell (EBU), Egon Verharen (NPO)

A project that allows a single radio presenter to lead an entire outdoor broadcast (OB) radio show without a traditional OB truck won the 2017 EBU Technology and Innovation Award.

The NXG project, jointly developed by EBU member Sveriges Radio (SR) and Lawo, a German manufacturer of digital mixing consoles, received the award at the EBU Technical Assembly in Stuttgart on June 8.

Using a powerful remote control protocol, NXG enables a full radio broadcast from anywhere with sufficient network connection.

The EBU Prize for Technology and Innovation, awarded for the first time in 2016, rewards an individual or collective project that will have a major impact on broadcasting. Last year’s winner was the VRT Sandbox LiveIP Studio, a proof of concept for live television production run entirely over IP infrastructure.

Egon Verharen, Chairman of the EBU Technical Committee, said: “NXG was a very exciting project and paves the way for greater efficiency in the production of radio programs.

Simon Fell, Chief Technology and Innovation Officer, added: “It’s really great to see this year’s award go to this great radio production development. It shows how much radio is appreciated by EBU members ”.

“This project helps us achieve our goal of moving shows out of the house and connecting with our audience,” said Hasse Wessmann, strategist in SR’s development department. “The system is tailored to the needs of journalists, and it is also more cost effective because equipment remains centralized and shared. We are proud and happy with the recognition that our project has received.


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