Radio presenter Matt Chorley presents a radio show at Cafe Chorley on the day of the G7 summit

Matt Chorley, host and podcast host for the national news station Times Radio, will bring his show to the town he paired it with during the lockdown this Friday, September 17 and says he’s “most excited for Chorley cakes ”during his visit.

The award-winning political reporter who began hosting his mid-morning show on the station when it launched last year, will air live at the Masons Market Cafe on Friday morning.

It comes after he hosted an unofficial ceremony with Deputy Council Chief Peter Wilson in January, with the aim of ‘twinning’ his show and the city of Lancashire.

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Times Radio presenter reveals “unofficial” partnership with Chorley in comedy …

The show coincides with the G7 Speakers of Parliament meeting hosted by Sir Lindsay Hoyle, MP for Chorley and Speaker of the House of Commons.

Parliamentarians from around the world will attend the talks at Astley Hall this weekend.

Presenter Matt will make his first trip to Chorley this Friday before the summit

Matt said: “If it’s good enough for Nancy Pelosi, the American speaker, it’s good enough for me. I’m so excited to finally arrive in the city that gave our ancestors our name.

“We twinned the radio show with the city during the lockdown this year. Peter Wilson, deputy head of council, joined me on Zoom to formalize it.

“I wanted to have more real voices on the show, instead of just hearing politicians. So when we want to talk about football we can talk to Chorley FC coach Jamie Vermiglio and since he is principal we can call him to talk about schools as well.

Glen Hutchinson at Spinners spoke about the impact of the pandemic on the hospitality industry, Reverend Michael Print of St George’s described the church locked out while Brown’s the Butchers tried to convince me of Lancashire’s merits haggis.

Masons Market Cafe staff will welcome presenter Matt

“But what I’m looking forward to the most is to try Chorley cakes. I got them once from a freeway service but want to try the real thing. Lindsay Hoyle tells me they need butter, which I’m ready to try. All in the name of journalistic research, of course.

Matt, who spent 16 years covering the politics of the Houses of Parliament before becoming a radio presenter, is expected to return to Chorley next year to present his comedy show “Who is In Charge Here” at the Chorley Theater.

But this trip, upstream of the G7 summit, will be the presenter’s first in the northern city.

The show, recorded live at the Masons Market café, can be streamed on Times Radio digital channel or online from 10 a.m.

The national radio host will host his program in the middle of the morning from the market hall

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