Radio station 92.1 FM will feature interviews with actors, writers and musicians every Friday in June for FestivalSouth

As part of FestivalSouth, the Stage, Style and Study Radio Talk Show on 92.1 FM WJMG will feature interviews with several renowned actors, writers and musicians each week throughout June.

The show is hosted by Michael Marks – the founder of Stage, Style and Study – and airs every Friday at noon. The June series premiere episode, which aired June 3, featured actress Denise Nicholas, known for her roles in “Let’s Do It Again,” “Room 222” and “In the Heat of the Night,” and included a discussion of his book Freshwater Road.

The June 3 episode also featured Jay Dean and Mike Lopinto, co-directors of FestivalSouth, an annual multi-week festival featuring a variety of musical and other arts-related entertainment.

“(freshwater road) encompasses (Denise) time spent in Hattiesburg as part of the Freedom Summer Movement and the Freedom Summer Theater,” Marks said. “And she was talking about the importance of the arts then, and they still are, in the history of Hattiesburg.

“And then (Lopinto and Dean) bridged the gap on the importance of the arts today, to celebrate FestivalSouth, especially the contributions of African American performers and artists. So it was just a wonderful synergy that was produced by having them on the show today, so we’ll be doing more of that every Friday in June.

Here is the program of the remaining shows in June:

  • June 10: Musical director Joseph Brittain, jazz singer Katrina Cox and Juneteenth celebration host Ora Reed.
  • June 17: Motown Sound creator Mickey Stevens will be the special guest on this episode. Host of the June 19 celebration, Larry Robinson, will also be on the show.
  • June 24: Broadway actor Rashad Naylor will be the special guest on this episode. FestivalSouth artist Darryl Anderson will also be featured.

Following the end of the June series, the radio station will host its 53rd anniversary party on June 25 at Chain Park in Hattiesburg. Regular radio programming will resume early next month.

“With FestivalSouth in town this month, I thought I should kind of be part of (Hattisburg’s) embrace of the arts and celebration of the arts,” Marks said. “FestivalSouth being the largest multi-genre arts festival in the south, I thought this would be a wonderful opportunity for us to showcase people who have genuinely had contact and heritage with Mississippi.

“Promoting the festival at the same time – for me it was just a no-brainer.”

In previous episodes of the show, Marks has chatted with guests such as Mississippi Power’s Annie McMillan; Robert Williams, superintendent of the Hattiesburg Public School District; local university interns; and Logan Green, the National Original Spoken Word Poetry Champion of Hattiesburg High School, among others. Marks said his interest in talk radio began, primarily, when his father hosted a show in Pike County when Marks was a child.

“The highlight of my life as a 12-year-old was being a guest on his show when I won the Pike County Public Speaking Contest,” Marks said. “So I just admired his work, and even today I come back and listen.

“It was a wonderful legacy that I carried on even after he passed away. And I love to talk, so I love my job at WJMG FM Radio…and I thought it would be wonderful to have a slice of the community in Hattiesburg (on the show).

WJMG is celebrated as the first minority-owned radio station in Mississippi and the seventh minority-owned radio station in the United States. The live stream can be listed at www.921wjmg.comand more information about brands and scene, style and study can be found at

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