Spotify invents century-old broadcasting with a new feature

Spotify today announced a new feature for its ecosystem that reminds you of century-old innovation.

“Today we start testing a new listening experience that brings music and spoken content together in a simple and elegant package, allowing full songs and conversational commentary to live together in one show.” , the company said in the Liberation.

So how does it work? “With shows that use this new format, listeners can interact with the music within episodes, in the same way that they interact with all of the other song tracks on Spotify (for example, like, record and play more songs). ‘track information) without having to exit the episode page or search for it manually, ”the company explains.

So basically Spotify invented radio. Good.

Regardless, the company claims that shows that use this format are proprietary because they are based on licenses from Spotify’s music catalog. Spotify Premium listeners will hear full tracks, but those on the free tier will only get 30-second previews of music.

To launch this new format, they launched seven Spotify Original Shows that use this feature. They can be found in the Shows with Music feature hub or in a programmed shelf on your Home tab.

You can use Anchor to create your own shows

Spotify owns Anchor and they can now let you create your own shows using Anchor in this format.

They deployed the tooling in Anchor so creators can showcase the music they love on their shows.

Anchor makers will use the 65 million Spotify archives to choose which songs to add to their own shows.

The company also says musicians will be paid like any other stream on Spotify when their songs get paid for and that includes monetization options so hosts can make money from their work.

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