The last day Luveve Boy set foot in a radio studio


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Mthabisi Tshuma, Showbiz Correspondent
ALL Cal_Vin ever wanted was for the locals to support his music career and become the king of rap in the city of kings and queens and Zimbabwe.

Alas, he could not realize his dream with his efforts to organize concerts such as Made in Bulawayo to no avail as they were followed by a handful of people. Even when he was selling CDs, people didn’t support him the way he deserved considering how much work he put into his craft.

The only time he was able to fill a room was at the Bulawayo Amphitheater on November 1 last year, when he lay lifeless in a silver coffin as thousands filled the room for him. say goodbye. This was after he was involved in a hit-and-run accident on October 25.

Always upset with people who don’t support him, Cal Vin at one point compared himself to Lovemore Majaivana, who was also very vocal on this issue. Days before his death, he lamented the lack of support from businesses and individuals in a radio interview that was to be his last at Skyz Metro FM studios.

Typical of Cal_Vin, he arrived at the studio at Pioneer House an hour late and the show’s producers concluded that the Banjalo Abantu hit-maker had snubbed the interview. After all, it was a station he didn’t hesitate to blow up for everything from late payments for concerts to not supporting his work to the point where they decided to stop playing his music in. reprisals.

Surprisingly, he made it to the interview that was broadcast during the Sigiya ngeLocal show. He was accompanied as usual by a bunch of friends. Cal_Vin was always with his friends until one day he breathed his last when he was hit by a car on his way home.

While Monday marks exactly one year since Cal_Vin took his last breath in the wee hours of Monday, October 26, 2020, a few feet from his Luveve 5 residence, Saturday Leisure in remembrance of the star caught up with Skyz Metro FM’s Khaya Moyo, the lady who gave Cal_Vin the last chance to be heard on the radio.

Khaya said that at one point she lost all hope of conducting the interview.

“Cal_Vin was scheduled to air at 10:00 am and by the time it arrived at the studio at 11:00 am I was considering rescheduling the interview as it conflicted with another program.

“The first thing he did was apologize for being late, but I was angry because I thought he had opposed me because he was not answering my calls. When he pitched I was relieved because it happened after his music was blacklisted by the station, ”Khaya said.

She said they continued with the interview, with the highlight being Cal_Vin’s lament over the lack of support for artists by businesses and individuals.

He recounted how this lack of support prevented him from raising funds to shoot a video for his remix Z’Khuphani, a song starring South African music giant Cassper Nyoves and which was a regional hit.

“It is difficult to choose the best time during the interview, but it could be when he mentioned how he knocked on every door in Bulawayo in search of funds for transport to South Africa where he wanted to shoot the video. of Z’Khuphani I remember how he said that no one supported such an important achievement.

“It really made me realize how difficult things can be for our artists because no one is joining their efforts to put the music of the country on the map. It was quite disheartening, ”Khaya said.

After Cal_Vin’s death, the presenter said she began to question whether the interview had served its purpose of giving the rapper a platform to express himself.

“What I admired about Cal_Vin was his determination and his passion, but above all, the fact that he was not afraid of anything. He stood up for the truth and was genuinely concerned about the growth of the country’s music industry.
She said being the last radio host to interview the King of Rap would be an honor forever.

“I was honored to have this opportunity and now that I look back I realize it was a magical moment and history was being written. Sadly, a few days later we were talking about a different story of his death. When I got the sad news I was actually on the air and for some reason went to the last chat we had on WhatsApp and texted her thinking the news was fake.

“I was afraid to call and I was in denial. When several people confirmed the news, I shed tears. Even the station listeners heard how moved I was, ”Khaya said.

“I’m definitely getting flashbacks and more now because a few days ago it was October 17th, a year after interviewing the late rapper.”

Having been one of the first reporters to arrive at the scene where Cal_Vin was involved in the hit and run crash, the dirt stains covering the bloodstains, the grim faces of his fans, friends and family live vividly in my spirit. A year after his death, his killer (s) still roam the streets freely, somehow escaping punishment for ending one of the brightest prospects in the local rap industry. .

From the Saturday recreation team, we say continue to rest in ntwana kaManax power. We pray that those responsible who caused death will be brought to justice and the law will run its course.

To Cal_Vin fans, friends and family we say take comfort and continue to support his music as it will definitely cheer him up. – @mthabisi_mthire


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