The New Edinburgh radio station backed by veteran DJ Jay Crawford is set to air this summer

The station, which will air current and upbeat tunes for summer listening, has already been operating online for more than a year. It has seen a huge increase in listeners since October 2021, when the radio legend Jay Crawford bought the station.

Mr Crawford, the former program director of Real, Smooth and Rock, brought in a team of presenters including radio professionals such as Mark Martin who worked at Real Radio and Forth One, Jill McLaren who co -presented the Breakfast Show on Forth One and Brad Yule who worked on Capital Radio.

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The team also includes young talent including Matthew Paige, Johnny Togneri, Meghan McKee and Chrissy Meechan, while singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt is supporting the launch of the new station.

Edge Radio will host three main daytime shows, all sponsored by Scottish companies. Breakfast will be hosted by Edinburgh radio star Mark Martin and sponsored by Belmont Suzuki, while midday will run from 10am to 2pm hosted by Brad Yule and sponsored by Kingsgate Shopping Centre. The afternoon driving show will be hosted by Matt Shields from 3-7pm and will be sponsored by Cartmore Building Supply Company.

Mr Crawford, who was one of the original DJs at Radio Forth when it launched in 1975, is keen to help others succeed in the industry. He said, “I have been very fortunate to have had a long and successful career and am just thrilled to be able to share my experience and knowledge with our promising young presenters and producers.”

He continued: “When I was presented with a scholarship from the Radio Academy in 2008, I said at the time that it was the highlight of my career, but the launch of Edge Radio may well overshadow that. in 2022. Launching in June will really suit Edge Radios music. format, our music is current, lively and is aimed at a much younger audience than me!

The Edge Radio team, which is launching a new station this summer.

Mark Martin, presenter of the Breakfast Show on Edge said: “Jays’ experience has proven invaluable in bringing Edge to this point. We are off to a flying start and hope everyone sees the resort’s huge potential. We look forward to continuing to build on what we have created.

Scottish singer-songwriter Nina Nesbitt supported the launch of the new station.

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