The radio station presents the PDP presidential nomination form to Emmanuel

Akwa Ibom State Governor Udom Emmanuel received the Peoples Democratic Party Presidential Nomination Form from Human Rights Radio, Producers of National People’s Radio/TV Show, Brekete family show.

The presentation took place at the Government House, Uyo, on Thursday when a delegation from the station led by Innocent Orji visited the governor in his office.

Emmanuel, while thanking the delegation and the Nigerians, who helped purchase the form, said he would never take the honor given to him for granted.

The Governor said: “Honestly, when I heard about the plan to buy me a presidential nomination form, I wondered how could people raise up to 40 million naira to buy me a form. ?

“But today it has become a reality. There are over 200 million Nigerians, but you have chosen to bestow this honor and privilege on me, and I do not take that for granted. I really want to appreciate this family; I express my gratitude to all Nigerians for this confidence.

He said Nigeria needs leaders who are capable, sincere in purpose, selfless and willing to make sacrifices.

“Money is a main thing. Nigeria today needs someone who understands money. It is unfortunate that if we are looking for a Managing Director of a particular company, the CV we are looking for extends on three or four pages, but when we are looking for a president of the country, based on the constitution, all we need is a WASSCE certificate and no experience,” Emmanuel said.

He lamented that the bonus was not paid to the leader in whose hands the fate of more than 200 million people rests, as would be done for a chief executive of a company with few shareholders and stakeholders, adding that there was a need for some things to fix in 2023, for the country to move forward.

The presidential aspirant reminded his guests of the importance of God in the area of ​​leadership and expressed hope that the group had sought God’s consent before embarking on the venture.

“Rest assured that I have accepted the form. Not all Nigerians can come together to give me something and I will refuse; anyone with the experience of running a state in Nigeria for eight years can steer the affairs of the country,” the Governor added.

In his remarks, the head of the delegation, Orji, said that Emmanuel was not the only one to be welcomed on the show, but after they arrived in Akwa Ibom and discovered more than they had heard from the governor during the interview show, it was decided that the station would buy the nomination form from him.

“We all agreed that if you can do it in one state, if you get the chance, you’ll do even better nationally. We don’t believe in too much chatter, so here today we present to you your party’s presidential nomination form,” he said.

Also speaking, a member of the delegation and former minister of state for foreign affairs, Alhaji Buhari Bala, said the team from the Brekete family, who had interviewed the governor during a live broadcast in January, came in Akwa Ibom for three days to attend even more projects than Emmanuel revealed to them.

He said, “After this program, the Brekete family sent a delegation to Akwa Ibom State. The team members spent about three days here and sent in a report, and what they said they found in the field was more than what you told them during the live program.

“Because of this, a decision has been made by the family that when the time comes, they will contribute money and buy a form for you to run for President of Nigeria. And true to their words, when the PDP started to sell forms, they went over there and amazingly paid and got the form back.”

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