Two huge stars leave Nova radio station after Kate Ritchie leaves

Two huge stars quit radio station Nova amid news that Kate Ritchie will be stepping away from her show Kate, Tim and Joel after a “turbulent and busy” year.

Earlier this year, Kate was caught driving drunk in Sydney’s eastern suburbs with a blood alcohol level of 0.06. Her license was suspended and she was fined $600.

Yesterday Kate revealed she will be stepping away from her driving show, but will return in 2023.

“This past year has been incredibly hectic and intense for me and my family,” she said. “I had a lot of changes and increased stress in my life, like many of you, in a short time. And it took its toll,” she said in a statement.

He continued: “And as you may have guessed, I invest a lot of emotional energy in everything that I do, my work and my family in particular, and for the past few months that I have been working in radio, I’m going back to television, and in my spare time I even wrote a children’s book.

“Nova was fabulous and understanding, so thank you Nova, and thank you Tim, Joel and the team, and most importantly, thank you to all of our fabulous listeners. I really think so.

News of Kate’s exit became something of a mass exodus, with fellow NOVA employees Sam Pang, Jonathan Brown and Dean ‘Deano’ Thomas announcing they were leaving the station. Sam and Jonathan were part of Chrissie, Sam & Browny which is ending after seven years on the air. Dean ‘Deano’ Thomas was a presenter on the show. Chrissie will have a new role within the station.

“We leaned on each other in this studio and it’s a good idea to salute what has been this whole experience for all of us and to retire with grace,” Chrissie, 48, told the antenna.

She added: “I’m so proud of what we’ve accomplished professionally and personally since we first met in 2015 – especially in recent years as we’ve all kept each other afloat during the pandemic.”

Jonathan said, “Damn, we had a great time. The highlight was leaving, us three goons all together and we’re not just hanging out, we’re spending time together. We also see each other socially.

“You’ve been the star of the past seven years,” Sam told Jonathan. “It was a privilege to do breakfast radio in my hometown.”

Sam replied, “I loved my time on Nova and want to thank everyone who has been on the show over the past seven years. I especially want to thank the listeners for their support.

“It was a wonderful experience. I have made friends for life and feel very lucky to have worked with such a great team.

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